2016 Concord Food, Farm & Garden Fair

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The fair is a weekend-long celebration of local food where you can find flowers and produce at the farmers market, explore local gardens and farms and eat deliciously from the land and kitchens of Concord.

Saturday, September 10

10 A.M. to 2 P.M.  Ag Day Farmers Market in Concord Center

1 to 4 P.M. Private Home Kitchen Garden Tours

Sunday, September 11 

Farm Tours and Talks

6:00 A.M. Verrill Farm 
9:30 A.M. Hutchins Farm

3:30 P.M. Marshall Farm

Concord restaurants and markets will offer specials on both days.

The fair is so-sponsored by the Concord Agriculture Committee, the Concord Gardeners Cooperative, and the Concord Food Collaborative

About the Concord Food, Farm & Garden Fair

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What is the Concord Food, Farm & Garden Fair?

It is a weekend celebration of local food: a time to celebrate this land and what grows here, to get to know Concord gardeners, farmers, and food entrepreneurs. All of which are fundamental to building a food system that generates environmental, economic, public health and community benefits.

What are the goals of the fair?

The goal is to promote, support and inspire local food growers, build a healthy, humane food system, and increase the visibility of gardens that support kitchens, homes, communities, and neighborhoods. And have fun!

Is there a fee for farm and garden events?

All of the events are free and open to the public.

Is there a rain date?
Events are held rain or shine. However, events will be cancelled in the case of thunder or lighting. 

What if I have a question during or after the farmers market hours on Saturday?
The market run on Saturday, September 10 from 10 AM to 2 PM in Concord Center. Look for the Food, Farm and Garden Fair table for maps, program guides etc. If you have a question on Saturday after 2 PM or on Sunday from 1-5 PM please:
1.    Check this website or the Concord Food Collaborative Facebook Page for information and program updates
2.    Find the Concord Visitor Center, which is staffed and open to visitors from 10-4. It is located next to Middlesex Saving Bank on Main Street and has maps, program information and a public restroom.
3.    Call the Farm and Garden Hotline number to contact volunteer staff at 617.519.1113 or email concordfoodcollaborative@gmail.com.

Please review fair visitor information, as well.

Are reservations required for farm and garden tours and talks?
Reservations are not required. However, some hosts ask visitors to sign up at the farmers’ market farm stands so they can estimate how many visitors to expect the next day. See the Program Guide for host RSVP information.

Please note: Visitors to the Garden Club of Concord home garden tour need to sign in and pick up a free ticket at the Garden Club table at the Farmers’ Market from 10 AM to 2 PM. 

How do I sign up for the Garden Club Of Concord Home Tours?
The tours are free. However, we ask that you obtain a tour ticket with garden locations, descriptions, host names and directions. Tickets are available at the Garden Club of Concord table at the farmers market, held from 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturday, September 10, or by email concordgardentours@gmail.com if you cannot attend the market.

We’d like to stay for lunch or dinner.  What are our choices?
Pack a picnic lunch or build your own picnic meal to eat outdoors at the restaurants listed at the Fair Food webpage for local specials. Then head for a picnic spot at the historic North Bridge, along Concord’s rivers or at our playgrounds!

Are rest rooms available at the Farm and Garden Tours?  
No. Please plan your visits accordingly. Visit the Restrooms and Water Page for details about bathrooms.

Why have a Food, Farm & Garden Fair in Concord, MA?

Concord has a long history of progressive agricultural practices that continue to the present day. Our farmers and gardeners respond to both the demand for local, healthy food and to the effects of climate change.

Gardeners and farmers share much in common. We worry about flooding and drought, heat waves and new pests. We use one or more of the following agricultural best practices: crop diversity, season extension; rotation systems and tillage; use of cover crops; composting farm waste to improve the soil; use of energy conservation technology and renewable energy sources such as solar panels; grass-fed farm animals with well managed pastures; and integrated pest control.

Farmers and gardeners are part of the fastest growing sector of the Massachusetts economy—food and agriculture—and are an emerging trend toward building a sustainable food system that is both good for the environment, economically viable, and rooted in the community. 

Michael Pollan, UC Berkely professor writes: “It is more important now than ever before to keep our local food economy robust and healthy.” In the past 20 years, “a new economy of farmers markets, community-supported agriculture and sustainable farming has changed the way millions of American families eat and think about food.”

The market demand for sustainably grown food is booming, and the number of new farms in Massachusetts has increased by 27% (the most in the US) in the past decade. 

A recent Worcester Business Journal article reported that small farms (ie, w/less than 50 acres) are on the rise, and there is a 22% increase in farmers age 35 and younger.

Food gardens are generally seen more as a hobby…but when they are numerous, well tended and filled with purpose...great things can happen!  Whatever we call them—home or kitchen gardens, urban, school, church, corporate, market or community gardens, raising backyard chickens, rabbits, goats—they are popping up all over...a 30% increase nationally in the last five years.

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 “Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your enthusiasm, and don’t forget your appetite!”

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