About Gardening for Life

Learning to garden is a commitment to being responsible for our food choices and to know where our food comes from.

• In order to create a more sustainable food system, we choose to start with a personal commitment to learn from each other as we plan, improve and maintain food gardens
• By sharing what we know, we learn how to grow, prepare, store and preserve food as an enjoyable and conscious step towards living a healthy and more self-reliant lifestyle within a supportive community.

1. Encourage gardeners of all levels of experience to share what we know as we learn how to grow, harvest and store food year round.
2. Invite master gardeners, other FFT groups and experts in the community to share their skills and knowledge with us.
3. Enjoy the benefits of gardening together: field trips, the pleasure of the outdoors, great tasting food, companions for the journey.
4. Grow organically and pay more attention to conservation of water and energy.

1. Monthly skill sharing meetings with topics and guest speakers that follow the growing cycle (Gardening basics, herbs, land sharing, winter gardening etc.)
2. Swap/Talk informal summer gatherings: potted seedlings, surplus produce, food/jam etc.
3. Food Garden Tour (June 2010) and wild edibles and harvest tour/ field trips (Fall 2010)


Community Market/Winter Festival

Concord Food Collaborative

The Concord Carlisle Food Collaborative is a network and online resource facilitating information sharing and the building of local food connections in Concord and Carlisle Massachusetts.

The mission of the Concord Carlisle Food Collaborative is to celebrate and grow our vibrant, local food system.

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