Picnic Tables

In Town

  • At Emerson Playground by the swing area at 90 Stow Street
  • 3 next to the Hunt Recreation Center at 90 Stow Street
  • 1 on the inside curve of 133 Keyes Road, across from the town engineering office. 
  • 1 at Alcott School
  • 3 benches at Chamberlain Park on Lowell Road in Concord Center

At Businesses

  • Tables for customers in back of Main Street Café overlooking the Assabet River, 42 Main Street

  • Trails End Café, 107 Lowell Road

  • Nashoba Brook Bakery, 152 Commonwealth Ave in West Concord
  • La Provence outdoor eating, 105 Thoreau St

In the Minute Man National Historic Park (mima_info@nps.gov)

  • Several on the center grass in the lower parking lot for the North Bridge and one next to the upper visitor center at the North Bridge (174 Liberty Street)
  • There are also tables and chairs behind the North Bridge Visitor Center. (174 Liberty Street)
  • 4 or 5 off the pathway leading to Hartwell Tavern. (Rte 2A parking lot; Battle Road Trail)
  • Some just off the walkway leading from the parking lot to the Minute Man National Historical Park Visitor Center in Lincoln. (Rte 2A, Battle Road Trail)

Know of others? Please email concordfoodnetowrk(at)gmail(dot)com

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