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The Concord Food Council launched officially in October 2014 with Concord Roots- a town-wide celebration of Concord's abundant crop of root vegetables that coincided with National Food Day.

The Concord Food Council grew out of the 2012 report on Concord’s food system, Building Local Food Connections: A Community Food Assessment, Concord, Massachusetts. The report documented Concord’s many food-related assets and identified key steps Concord can take to build a vibrant, localized food system that promotes economic, environmental, and public health. Concord Food Council members represent many stakeholders in the town’s food system and are committed to fostering local food connections while acting on the report’s top recommendations to: implement farm-to-institution programs; promote a town-wide gardening movement; revitalize animal husbandry in Concord; match farmers and growers with suitable land in Concord; and permanently protect farmland for agricultural use. 2014-2015 Food Council Members.

The Concord Food Council is an Ad Hoc council comprised of 10-15 volunteers representing a broad range of stakeholders (and a slightly new name).  The CFC will maintain a council fully representative of the unique Concord Food system and will use as their guide the food system models represented in the food system report (see images on this page).

Members of the CFC will serve a term of two years not to exceed two consecutive terms.  Members continuing from the Interim CFC (2012-2013) will serve a one-year term with the possibility of a second term. The CFC will meet six times a year.

In the 2014-2016 term, there will be three Working Groups of the CFC. Each council member will sit on one working group. Working Groups will meet in addition to the Council’s six annual meetings as necessary.  Working Group descriptions follow:

Governance Working Group
The Governance Working Group will further developing the Governance Plan and take the lead on coordinating and leading meetings, setting meeting agendas, managing meeting minutes and the council archive.  Members of the Governance Working Group will take turns with these responsibilities.  The Governance Working Group will also operate a nominations committee to identify, nominate and cultivate new members to the council.

Project Working Group
The Project Working Group will develop and implement the CFC Work Plan leveraging off the report recommendations.  This group will also coordinate and co-facilitate projects and programs delivered in partnership with the CFC 

Outreach and Engagement Working Group
The Outreach Working group will develop and implement an outreach and engagement strategy and manage the Concord Food Network website.

The CFC is always interested in cultivating new members.  Please email if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity.  If you identify with the nature of this work we hope you will introduce yourself to existing members of the council and/or email

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