Food, Farm & Garden Fair Visitor Information

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What is expected of visitors?

Farm and Garden Fair hosts spend many hours preparing their farms and gardens for your visit. Please reward their hard work by following these guidelines (bathroom and water information):

  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes for being outdoors. (The ground can be uneven or muddy, etc.)
  • Bring your re-useable water bottle. Single-servings of bottled water are not sold in Concord. The Visitor Information Center has a Concord Tap Map of businesses offering tap water.
  • Children are welcomed. However, for their own safety, children must be supervised by an adult at all times, especially where there is farm equipment, animals, beehives, or water hazards such as ponds, rivers or streams.
  • Please do not leave litter.
  • Respect the privacy of our hosts by not contacting them directly.
  • Please leave all pets at home.
  • Park your car so others can enter and leave the parking area. The Police Department has reviewed our event locations in terms of parking issues. Follow signage regarding which side of the street to park.
  • Plants, vegetables and fruit are for viewing only, unless otherwise approved for a fair activity.
  • Ask the owner's permission to take photographs.
  • Respect the listed dates and times of opening and ending farm and garden activities.

What should you know about safety in the garden or on the farm?

Visitors to the fair can expect to be involved with the operations of working farms and gardens. There are inherent risks, though every reasonable effort will be made to emphasize safe conditions. For example:

  •  Bees: Most bees will not sting if left alone. Be mindful if anyone in your group has a bee sting allergy, and be prepared to respond appropriately. Yellow jackets may have nests on the ground, so please be mindful of your footing.
  • Equipment: Do not climb on tractors or other farm/garden equipment.
  • Heat: Be aware of dehydration on hot days and bring a re-usable water bottle.
  • Weather: If there is thunder or lighting, events may be cancelled. There are no rain dates.

Some hosts may require visitors to sign an accident waiver or release of liability form. Visitors assume risks as a result of their participation in any/all activities associated with the fair.

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