Special MA "Choose Fresh and Local" License Plates

The Choose Fresh &  Local  specialty license plate Initiative has Launched!

The RMV needs 1,500 advance orders to make the plates so register now.

Proceeds from sales of the plates will support New Entry Sustainable Farming  Project Beginning Farmer Network of Massachusetts and the Mass Farmers Markets.

Visit the MA Food Plate website to learn more about how you can support local farmers and farmers markets, and keep working landscapes growing healthy food for you. 

You know buying local is good for you, and that local food is fresher, better-tasting, longer-lasting, and more nutritious.  You  also understand that when you "vote with your feet" by shopping at farmers markets, farm stands, and businesses who support local, you are also preserving  agricultural land and open spaces and strengthening your local economy and community.

Buying local food products also sustains a diverse, resilient food system across the Commonwealth and encourages new generations to start farming. Recent statistics show that you have helped turn the tide in Massachusetts; we now have more farms and young farmers than at anytime in the past 30 years!  Today you can "vote with your car" too!  Take pride and recognition for your support of local food and farming by simply registering your car with a special license plate that supports local food and farms.  Special license plate fees are tax-deductible charitable contributions.   

Right now, sponsoring organizations (New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, Mass Farmers Markets, and Beginning Farmer Network of Massachusetts) just need to know that you are interested (there is no obligation at this point, just an indication of interest); all it takes is a few clicks of your mouse or taps on your screen.  Visit  MA Food Plate website to provide your contact information on the sign up page.  As soon as they have  enough interest to meet the Registry of Motor Vehicles' requirements, they will contact you to confirm your interest and then will  collect the tax-deductible payment needed for a special license plate. 

Stay tuned to our website to track our progress!     

Sign up Today. 

And please SHARE this message to pass along this exciting opportunity!

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