FRIDAY FEBRUARY 17, 2012, 7PM, Alcott School

At 7 PM, give Scott Soares, MA Agricultural Resources Commissioner, a warm welcome and let him know your ideas/questions for a healthy, sustainable food system.

At 7:30 pm, watch Food Fight, for a look at how our food culture developed, the changing landscape of food politics and how the 60s brought values centered on local and healthy meals. The 2012 Food Bill is on the horizon in Washington, so now is our time to act.

At 8:30 PM, featured Speaker Scott Soares will talk about the Farm Bill, new sustainable agriculture initiatives, and support for small farmers.

JD Kemp, CEO of Organic RenaissanceFOOD EX, offers his company of "how to re-regionalize the Northeast food system" with an online platform to connect growers and buyers.

Food Fight is sponsored by ConcordCAN and the Walden Woods Project. If Concord Schools are closed due to snow, the program will be cancelled.

When we walk into a super- market, we assume that we have the widest possible choice of healthy and nutritious foods. The truth is--it is neither. And it is entrenched government policy that has built, supports, and continues this dysfunctional system. With the 2012 Food Bill on the horizon in Washington, we need to understand how this came to be. Food Fight charts the changing landscape of food politics and how individual choices resonate from the home to the community and the planet.

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